Greater Saphenous Vein Aneurysm: Case Report

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Edi Sterjo
Aleksandar Otljanski
Nezafet Murtezan


BACKGROUND: Venous aneurysms are rare vascular pathology. They were first described by Sir Wiliam Osler in 1915 and thereafter Harris in 1928. Aneurysm on greater saphenous vein is mostly asymptomatic or they are responsible for no more than local discomfort, pain, and tenderness and it is detected when patients were referred for the treatment or evaluation of a femoral or inguinal hernia or soft-tissue masses.

CASE PRESENTATION: We presented a case of a 64-year-old man admitted to the hospital for elective surgical treatment of greater saphenous vein aneurysm. Computed tomography angiography showed an aneurysmatic change on the saphenous vein on the right lower leg with dimension of aneurismae 41 × 40 × 39 mm. After the diagnostic examination was finish, there was an indication for surgical treatment. The patient was successfully operated with non-postoperative complications.

CONCLUSION: The indications for surgical treatment in superficial venous aneurysms are the presence of symptoms, the risk of thrombosis, compression of nearby structures, and more commonly esthetic problems. Surgical treatment is the treatment of choice for reducing the symptoms, risk of thrombosis, and esthetic problems and it has excellent results if there are not any other vascular pathologies.


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Sterjo E, Otljanski A, Murtezan N. Greater Saphenous Vein Aneurysm: Case Report. SEE J Cardiol [Internet]. 2023 Apr. 15 [cited 2023 Dec. 2];4(1):7-9. Available from:
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